“That’s the way things are”. “The world can’t change”, “There is nothing we can do” etc… These are topics of our society, but  our society changes every day… People of color adquire human rights that should have been theirs from the beginning of time;  Women are tying their rights to men and we all begin to be aware of the damage caused to nature by our economic system…Still much remains to do.

In this blog we forget about borders, cultures and religions (although we respect them all) to worry only about human beings, their habitat and their REAL needs .

Obviously any book, movie, song, organization or movement that attempts to make our society a place a little better would be welcomed. All material published on this blog should be a critique of society (or any of its aspects) or must offer a positive alternative that respects the human being  society and the world in which we live. Of course, it would be great if we have both, an evaluation on how we are doing so far and  alternatives for improving,  or for fixing what we are doing wrong.

There are many fields to work on: emotional education (controlling our instincts , particularly aggression), medicine, food and housing (thus ensuring a decent life for every inhabitant of the world), renewable energy and sustainable economic system (because although resources were unlimited, they are no longer so, we should bear in mind that the products that our society discards are largely harmful to the environment).

I would like to turn this blog into a tangible example of the fact that sometimes it is not so difficult to find  positive messages in this society. These messages can be as effective and striking as those messages we see in movies and advertisements today and witch only care about how much adrenaline our body produces to push us to buy their products. There are people that  look for the common good beyond their own interests. they do this to live in a worls in which there would be, education, health, decent homes and renewable energy sources for everyone…

The idea here is to add to this dossier ¿of knowledge ? and we  thank you in advance for your help in doing that.

“It’s like having before us a black wall and complain that it’s dark, when in our own hands we have a can of white paint and a small brush. Maybe we can not paint all the wall with that little can, but it will be enought to paint a part of it. If every one contributes with his own painting all that wall can be done, the wall, in the end, will be white. ”
Jaume Sallorente. Bombay Smiles


Color Codes:
Ecology: environment, sustainability, animal rights
Personal: personal development, emotional intelligence, achievement
Society: human rights, social equality, economy, politics, culture, war

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